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Yay. halloween!

Well, this is the last question of the month, and so i have a very special Double Scavenger Hunt type question.

Here it(they) are:

1. Find me the LOWEST price you can find a WORKING car being offered for the internet. It can be an auction, or classified ad, or anything. Post with the link and some witty comments (optional).

2. Do everything as above, except find the HIGHEST amount of money a WORKING car is being sold for on the internet.

You can answer one or both questions, and each question will have the following point scores:

lowest/highest price: 3
2nd lowest/highest: 2
3rd lowest/highest: 1

for each, so maximum points you can get is 6. POSTING FIRST DOES NOT MATTER. You guys have until Tomorrow morning to find the lowest or highest. In case of a tie, both people get the points.

Have fun!

P.S. Tomorrow morning is a new month, and that means point totals will reset. I'm still trying to get some kind of award icon this month's winner can put in his/her info, but it might take a little bit. Also...expect some Philly-themed questions over the weekend, because that's where i'll be. not that it's anything special, i'm always there.

Now i'm done. heh...bye.
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